Route 66 Attractions You Need to Discover Today

route 66 roadside attractions

There is no route quite like Route 66 which runs from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles California. Discover Route 66 attractions along the road. The route travels through some of the most beautiful places within the United States. With beauty aside, these places all cover a lot of history from the moment that the Route …

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Driving Route 66 – Places To Visit During A Route 66 Road Trip

Rt 66 roadside attractions

Everyone living in North America has heard of driving Route 66, the infamous Route 66 highway which connects Chicago to Los Angeles. It’s a stretch running 2,448 miles. The development started in 1920 with the growing number of people purchasing automobiles. At this time, the federal highway official decided to grow the route and give …

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Things To Do In Jamaica With Tips To Choose Your Location

Things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is more than sun and beach, it´s a melting pot of different cultures. Let´s discover the most amazing things to do in Jamaica, groove to its reggae rhythm and explore the island beyond its beautiful beaches. Jamaica is the third largest islet in the Caribbean, positioned just south of Cuba. Jamaica is the most …

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Feel Like a King with Castles To Stay In on Your Next Vacation

Entrance to one of the romantic castles to stay in

Castles to stay in – always something special and these day’s vacations have evolved so much that the whole experience has completely changed from that several years back. To give you an example of the shift, let’s take a look at some of the accommodation available to many of us traveling to different parts of …

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